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Being on the verge of finishing my first album is a strange feeling. I always thought my first album would be with my boys in Moon Ensemble.

What exactly is strange about that? Is it my belief that I wouldn't be here without them? Is it the fact that I've never been in the position to release my own body of work before? Or is it that Moon Ensemble brought me through a sequence of events that improved my courage and confidence? The third one for sure. If I am the product of everyone around me, then Moon Ensemble is my exponential growth as a musician.

This definitely plays along with the fact that I am constantly building and proofreading what it truly means to me; that which makes a musician an artist. What does it mean to be a musician? Is it the "multi-hat" principle, that as a musician you must be well-rounded and able to cover some bases on your own representation, your own administration, your own distribution? FUCK that. The ones that last are the ones that write write write. You can slant and curve and twist and spin your art any which direction, but if it isn't coming from a place of creativity, humility, and vulnerability, it isn't worth my time. Even then, no eloquently grouped triads in any sentence will truly encapsulate the phenomena of human creativity.

The fact of the matter is that I AM READY TO RELEASE MUSIC. I've never been heartbroken, single, and LEGIT before. This is a grand time to poise myself at the starting line of the rest of my life. If there is a God, and by God I mean one that knows me better than I do, then I have this feeling there is something being done in between the lines of this heart-breaking, quarantined - stressed, COVID-paranoid, RIOT-freakout of a year, that is actually setting me up for the rest of my life - setting us all up. Excuse my insipidly stale statement; consider it an attempt at grandeur - there just isn't much more to say.

I am ready to release music, and THIS IS A PERFECT TIME TO RELEASE MUSIC.

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